Here are the costs associated with training at CKASA.

Registration Fee:  There is no registration fee.

Tuition:  The cost to train in our school is $40 per month.  There are no contracts or long term commitments required.

Equipment:  Students need to purchase a plain white gi (uniform), patches, and sparring equipment.  You can order these yourself, or we can place your order through Century martial arts at a significant discount.  It costs aprox. $120 to purchase the required equipment.  If ordering yourself, please check with your sensei before placing  your order to make sure you get the correct equipment.  It is fine to wait a couple of weeks into training before ordering equipment to make sure this is something you want to invest in.  We also have a collection of used gear and uniforms that you can look through.

Student Guide:  A Student Learning Guide has been published by the TKA and provides all of the requirements you need to know from white belt through black belt.  It costs $35.

Testing Fees:  There are a total of 10 tests that are required to be passed on your journey from white belt to black belt.  The testing fees increase with the rank.  Beginner belt tests (Orange) cost $30.  Intermediate belt tests (Green) cost $40.  Advanced belt tests (Red) cost $50. We normally hold a test four times a year, and students are not permitted to test until the instructors believe they are ready to advance to the next level of training.  All black belt tests are performed at the annual TKA black belt conference held in December, and the fees are assed by the TKA.

Tournaments:  We encourage students to compete in at least one tournament per year.  The registration fee is normally $50 or less.